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Back by popular demand, Angela (Broeker) Kasper and Geoffrey Boers return for TWO special Fall Teacher In-Service Workshops!!


I've been teaching for forty-four years. Through that time I have been committed to continuing to learn, to find better ways to conduct and teach, so I have attended many conferences. Imagine my delight when I realized that I was not just getting some ideas to keep my choirs singing, but was that  I was being inspired to think about resonance and voice building in new ways! – participant

Keep Our Choirs Singing IV
Creative and Engaging Techniques for online or
F2F Rehearsals: PART II

October 9, 2020 from 9a–3p

  • You’ve asked for more, so we will be back to revisit techniques shared, answer questions, dig deeper, and then explore even more ideas.

  • When you enroll, you can share your greatest concerns and needs. We will use this data to help shape our day together.

  • Access to In-Service video and materials. 

Groups of 10+ from the same district, contact Timothy at tlittle1@uw.edu for DISCOUNT CODE.  

Keep Our Choirs Singing V
REIMAGINE: A Time for Inspiration and Energization

November 7, 2020 from 9a–1p

  • Gain new ideas, address challenges, practice solutions, as we re-energize for the busy season ahead.

  • This will be a fast-paced, activity-oriented 4-hours of face-to-face experiences for our participants.

  • Access to In-Service video and materials. 

You can still experience the moments of learning, exploration, and community building from our summer workshops by registering as an Asynchronous Participant. You will have access to all session videos, class presentations, and college credit/clock hours forms. 

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